A Lifetime Partnership

The statistics on divorce are often frightening to singles looking for the love of their life, and they may wonder if their marriage will be one that fails. Some choose a less formal arrangement as a protection, but even that will not keep them from the emotional turmoil of a long term relationship breaking apart. Others believe marriage is forever, and they agree divorce is not an option. They are looking for a lifetime partnership, and many of them are determined to wait until they find the right person before making a commitment.

Old-fashioned dating without physical intimacy is one way people today have turned back the clock to a time when divorce was rare. Some of them see it as a way to ensure their partner is truly willing to make a commitment, and they see marriage as a permanent relationship state. If their partner agrees to their conditions willingly, they believe the relationship will last through all the trials and turbulence of a lifetime.

The sad fact is that divorce is easy to obtain these days in many cultures, and some people believe marriage is not a permanent relationship status. They might go into their wedding day believing they will make it last a lifetime, but the ease of filling out a few simple forms when life goes wrong can be tempting. Holding on to their partner through everything will mean both of them must make a deep commitment, and it must be shared.

While the statistics appear to point out that half of all marriages are likely to fail, they are not quite as accurate as many believe. There are people getting married and divorced several times, and their lifestyle choices have tilted the number of divorces into a higher range. While they do not account for the majority of couples breaking up, any couple willing to get married today should remember their marriage has a better than even chance to succeed for a lifetime.