Building Trust Together

When couples get past their first few dates, the formation of a solid relationship is a possibility. They may be willing to take their time getting to know each other, but they are building trust together along the way. Small packets of information about their personal lives are often exchanged during this time. When they progress to the next level of their relationship, the pair may decide to discuss where their future is headed.

The ability to trust another person is usually not automatic, and planning for the future can help a person tell whether or not they should be in a relationship with any particular partner. Those who share their dreams and discuss ways to achieve them as a team may be seen as more trustworthy. A dating partner who talks about their dreams and dismissing those of the other person is less likely to pass the test. Their ideas about life and how they will live it may include a partner to achieve their dreams only.

Each person in a relationship should have the ability to work towards achieving their own goals. When the couple discusses their future, leaving out that opportunity for one of them means that trust is not likely to be a part of the relationship. Trusting a partner in all areas of life is what a solid foundation is when it comes to matters of longevity between two people. If one person feels their dreams are less important, they should consider looking for a new partner.

There may be shared dreams between two people, and trust in this case is about sharing credit equally. If one person feels a partner should help them and adopt their dream, then their achievement together should be considered to have come about because both of them worked on it. Anything else is nothing more than selfishness.