Old Fashioned Dating

Leaving a Career


For those who are intent of having an old-fashioned marriage, the decision to give up an outside job is often one taken for granted by the couple. The man used to be the sole breadwinner in marriage, and those harking back to that bygone era means leaving a career for being a wife and mother. Many women today look down on that type of commitment, but those willing to do it often consider it a positive step in their own life. Their spouses often agree with them, so there is little or no disruption in their relationship when the woman begins her domestic career.

It does take a great deal of effort to maintain a smooth running household, and adding children to the mix can create chaos. For those who have chosen to forego working outside the home, expectations are often astronomically high. Their spouse might believe they should always return to a clean house where dinner is ready, and the children should be under control. Modern life is not always like that, and it can cause dissension between the two when it occurs.

Women who have chosen a domestic career over working outside the home have their own set of values they need to cling to, and they should make sure their spouse understands they are not less in the relationship due to lack of earnings. The spouse remaining at home should have the same amount of say in how the family spends its time and money, and their opinion should weigh just as heavily as their partner’s.

It can be difficult to make the adjustments required when making a major lifestyle change, so both partners should know in advance where they stand on the issues. Being able to depend on each other should not make them dependent, and each should be treated with respect for the work they do.