Old Fashioned Dating

Waiting for Marriage


Avoiding physical intimacy used to be something women were urged to do until they walked down the aisle, but that changed decades ago. They found that waiting for marriage was something men usually did not need to do, and many of them felt that the new equality between the sexes allowed them the same freedom. It worked out well for many women, but some of them found it was not necessarily the way they wanted to live.

There are some cultures where that never changed, but in modern society there are now some women who have decided that celibacy until marriage is a good way to ensure they will be making the right choice. It can be difficult to begin dating someone only to find out they have no intention of waiting, so there are now many modern women who tell their partners within the first few dates. It gives them a chance to leave before either party becomes too emotionally involved.

It can be difficult for those who have already experienced physical intimacy to turn back the clock, but making a commitment is to it is a test they must pass. It has been expressed in many different ways that women have an easier time being celibate, but the truth is it can be just as difficult. Holding back on their yearning to be intimate with a partner can take the same toll on them, and their feelings might be hurt when their partner decides they are not worth the wait.

Physical intimacy between two people should always be a mutual choice, but those who opt for marriage first are taking a chance in today’s societies. Being together in that way is often seen as less o a commitment and more like proof of the ability to keep a partner happy.